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At Grandland Construction, we serve national homebuilders, local residential contractors, and homeowners with a variety of structural engineering services, including new construction and renovations for both custom and production homes. Our goal for each project is to ensure the structural stability, strength, and longevity of the home. We work with clients from the design concept to the completion of the construction. Our services encompass all structural engineering aspects of single-family and multi-family home construction, including the foundation, walls, roof, and floor framing. Serving clients throughout the Southeastern United States from our headquarters in Miami, Florida. Let Grandland Construction make your dream home project a reality.

Residential Services


Custom Home Structural Engineering

Custom homes require the builder and homeowner to develop a team of professionals they can trust to do the job right.

Each design is unique and entails a specialized approach to ensure both the structural integrity and ease of the construction of the home. We coordinate with your architect, interior designer, or other professionals to ensure your dream home meets its full potential.



“Your engineering team has enhanced our productivity by turning around our engineering promptly, efficiently and timely and we appreciate the partnership. The Grandland Construction team is always responsive and provides innovative engineering that saves us money and time which is critical in today’s busy building market. I highly recommend Grandland Construction.”

– Glenn Layton from Glenn Layton Homes, LLC


Single-Family Homes

We work with both individuals and professionals on projects of all sizes. Our goal is to produce quality and trusted results using our professional expertise and attention to detail.

Whether you are building a custom home or utilizing a homebuilders plan portfolio, we offer structural engineering services to ensure your home has the proper foundation, framing, and other load-bearing and lateral resisting elements to provide a safe and stable structure


Production Homes & Master Plan Communities

In today’s residential construction market, master plans and production homes offer a solution to meet market needs for buyers, realtors, and developers.

It is vital to produce safe, quality homes and neighborhoods for families to call home. We work with builders and developers from conception through project completion to ensure the structural integrity of each property. We value your best interest at heart through top-notch customer service, effective communication, value engineering, and an efficient process with quick turnaround times.


Multi-Family Housing

Multi-family housing properties vary from small-scale properties with only a few units to large townhome developments.

We work with properties of all sizes whether owned by a corporation or real estate investor. With multi-family housing, it is more important than ever to ensure the structure has the right load-bearing elements to create and maintain a safe structure. We collaborate with all project players to complete the construction of new multi-family housing properties through solid communication and project management.

Build Your Dream Home


At Grandland Construction, we bring decades of experience in structural engineering design and consulting to each project. We work with clients on structures of all sizes. From our headquarters in Miami, Florida, we offer trusted service for clients throughout the Southeast.




Building inspectors and repair technicians can help to identify problems with a property and recommend repairs. However, to properly design and permit structural repairs, engineering design is required by a licensed structural engineer. It is vital to work with the right professional for the job. When it comes to the stability of a property, you shouldn’t compromise. A structural engineer addresses property damage with a deeper understanding of what’s specifically required to maintain a stable structure. This not only keeps your property safe for the people in and around the building, but it also helps maintain the property value and lifespan of the structure. Grandland Construction, helps determine the best materials and strategy for each structure’s safety and longevity. This occurs in concert with the design goals and building objectives.

If you are a commercial builder, developer, or business owner, you need to work with a Structural Engineer for any new construction or renovation project. Structural engineering is vital to building a stable and safe commercial structure of any kind. Without the proper evaluation, design, and plan to build stable, load-bearing elements into your property to ensure code compliance, you could pose great risk for your property, employees, and customers.


New Construction Production Homes & Master Plans Custom Homes Single Family & Multi-Family


New Construction Retail, Office Space, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Agricultural Tenant Build-out Renovations


Damage Analysis Pre-Purchase Evaluations Cracked Slabs or Foundations


Repairs Code Interpretation Permitting Assistance


Renovations Tenant Improvements Additions Remodels/Additions




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