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At Grandland Construction we offer consulting for both residential and commercial clients. We can provide expert knowledge to help property owners and other industry professionals with repairs, code interpretation, and permitting assistance related to structural elements. The construction process is complex. We’re here to help build a better understanding of the complex details required for structural stability and Building Code regulations. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, we provide consulting services to clients throughout the Southeast. Contact us to discuss your consulting service needs. We serve clients in a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, medical, retail, educational, government, and more.


Consulting Services

Structural Engineering Consulting

Grandland Construction offers consulting in a variety of projects, from the initial planning phase to completion, and strive to find the correct solutions to create a sound structure.

Often, our clients simply need the additional knowledge our professional training and experience offers to properly address structural issues. Whether you are a contractor needing calculations on the size or placement of load-bearing beams or a homeowner needing assistance with navigating the permitting process to build, we’re here to help. We serve clients throughout the Southeast with specialized consulting services. Contact us to discuss your consulting needs.



“Jackie Esparza and her team of engineers are the best in the business! This is why we have partnered exclusively with Russell-Esparza for all of our project in Northeast Florida. You will not beat the timelines or professionalism of her company – I strongly recommend her and her team for all of our engineering needs!”

– Elizabeth E.


Structural Repairs


Many property repairs impact the integrity of the structure.


We work with builders, real estate agents, property owners, and more to provide expert evaluation and design of structural repairs. Often other industry professionals, like inspectors, contractors, and realtors contact us to advise on their projects. We apply our knowledge to address any structural or load-bearing concerns. These partnerships ensure the construction done to the structure provides an all-encompassing view to create long-lasting structural stability.


Code Interpretation

Each jurisdiction has their own established and required compliance with Building Codes.

Building codes are often complex and intricate. As Structural Engineers, we offer consulting to aid in the proper interpretation of codes for builders, contractors, property owners, and other professionals involved. Without proper code interpretation, the project may not achieve the proper permits and pass inspection which can result in the need for costly changes and delays. Instead, work with a Structural Engineer from the start to guarantee adequate understanding of the requirements.




Building inspectors and repair technicians can help to identify problems with a property and recommend repairs. However, to properly design and permit structural repairs, engineering design is required by a licensed structural engineer. It is vital to work with the right professional for the job. When it comes to the stability of a property, you shouldn’t compromise. A structural engineer addresses property damage with a deeper understanding of what’s specifically required to maintain a stable structure. This not only keeps your property safe for the people in and around the building, but it also helps maintain the property value and lifespan of the structure. Grandland Construction, helps determine the best materials and strategy for each structure’s safety and longevity. This occurs in concert with the design goals and building objectives.

If you are a commercial builder, developer, or business owner, you need to work with a Structural Engineer for any new construction or renovation project. Structural engineering is vital to building a stable and safe commercial structure of any kind. Without the proper evaluation, design, and plan to build stable, load-bearing elements into your property to ensure code compliance, you could pose great risk for your property, employees, and customers.


New Construction Production Homes & Master Plans Custom Homes Single Family & Multi-Family


New Construction Retail, Office Space, Restaurants, Medical Offices, Agricultural Tenant Build-out Renovations


Damage Analysis Pre-Purchase Evaluations Cracked Slabs or Foundations


Repairs Code Interpretation Permitting Assistance


Renovations Tenant Improvements Additions Remodels/Additions




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