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At Grandland Construction, we provide building assessments to help analyze the structural integrity of both commercial and residential properties. Our building assessment services include: damage analysis, pre-purchase evaluation, and cracked slabs or foundations. We work with property owners, real estate agents, inspectors, builders, and other clients throughout the Southeast from our headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Building Assessment Services


Damage Analysis

Whether your property withstood a hurricane, fire, collision, or other damage we offer the professional expertise to determine the level of damage to the structural integrity to the building.

We work with contractors to design the necessary repairs required to restore the structure to its pre-damage capacity. Anytime a structure suffers damage, it is critical to promptly assess the impact to the structural system as a whole. We can have our team on site in a timely manner to determine if any structural repairs are required. We use our professional knowledge and skills to evaluate the specific damage for each client. After evaluation, we provide a comprehensive solution including a written assessment of the damage with recommended mediation or design repairs for permitting.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation

Evaluation by a licensed Home Inspector is one of the most important inspections for a property before purchase.

Should the home inspector find potential structural concerns, they may provide recommendations for further evaluation by a Structural Engineer. During the evaluation, our expert engineers assess the structure to determine the reliability and durability of the structure, including the foundation, framing, roof & floor systems and other load bearing elements. We often work with real estate agents, home inspectors, real estate investors, buyers, and sellers as part of the sales process. We make third party unbiased  recommendations based on our Engineers’ professional opinion and experience with the goal of an accurate report and resolution.


Cracked Slabs or Foundations

A common problem structures face is a cracked slab or foundation.

Many different factors can lead to cracked slabs or foundations, including natural settling of the soil, weather damage, poor construction, temperature fluctuations, and much more. A Structural Engineer has the expertise to evaluate cracked slabs and foundations to determine the severity of the damage. Not all cracks are considered structural or lead to extensive damage; however, sometimes small cracks can lead to serious damage below the surface. Schedule evaluation of your cracked slab or foundation to determine the level of required repairs. For visible cracks, it’s critical to address the issue as early as possible to avoid further damage and maintain the integrity of the structure.


Structural Engineering You Can Trust



At Grandland Construction, we work with clients across industries to evaluate properties for damage. Assessing the current condition of the structure, we determine if the structure is safe or needs repairs. We work with clients throughout the Southeast to provide reliable results from building assessments. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service, efficient processes, and solid solutions. Contact us to schedule your building assessment to understand the condition of your property and maintain a stable structure.nd customize each project to meet your specific goals. We prioritize top-notch customer service, effective communication, value engineering, and efficient processes which produce quick turnaround times. Contact Grandland Construction to discuss your commercial structural needs and bring your project to life.




Building inspectors and repair technicians can help to identify problems with a property and recommend repairs. However, to properly design and permit structural repairs, engineering design is required by a licensed structural engineer. It is vital to work with the right professional for the job. When it comes to the stability of a property, you shouldn’t compromise. A structural engineer addresses property damage with a deeper understanding of what’s specifically required to maintain a stable structure. This not only keeps your property safe for the people in and around the building, but it also helps maintain the property value and lifespan of the structure. Grandland Construction, helps determine the best materials and strategy for each structure’s safety and longevity. This occurs in concert with the design goals and building objectives.

If you are a commercial builder, developer, or business owner, you need to work with a Structural Engineer for any new construction or renovation project. Structural engineering is vital to building a stable and safe commercial structure of any kind. Without the proper evaluation, design, and plan to build stable, load-bearing elements into your property to ensure code compliance, you could pose great risk for your property, employees, and customers.


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